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The NutriFit Premier online training system

I’m not much of a “tech-y” person (and neither are many of my clients), so I aim to keep things as simple as possible while still delivering mind-blowing results. I use 2 apps in my online coaching: one each for fitness and communication , plus one for  nutrition. Scheduled coaching calls are done via phone or Zoom; whatever each client prefers.

Online fitness coaching involves ongoing and continuous support, not just scheduled sessions. If a client needs help, they can reach out at any time. I see details of every single workout my clients complete (and every one they miss!), and every single meal they eat.

Fitness coaching

  • For my fitness coaching,All Clients will have access to the official NutriFit Premier training . My clients receive workouts, log them as they get done, and track their progress. I get automatic notifications whenever a client completes a workout (how’s that for accountability?!) and I can easily keep tabs on everyone’s progress. I also receive notifications when clients miss scheduled workouts! Clients also have the option of saving – or printing out – their workouts as PDFs if they like.

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Nutrition coaching

  • I use MyFitnessPal (with which most people are already familiar) for nutrition coaching. My clients log their food and I can automatically see their entries without them having to send me anything. Keeps things nice ‘n’ simple.

  • Food logging in an app isn't for everyone. A few of my clients (like those with histories of disordered eating patterns, for example) choose to track their meals in other ways, like sending me photos of everything they eat.


  • For my coaching program, clients get e-mail and text message (within the Training app) support for questions they may have, progress check-ins, etc. For my exclusive more in-depth coaching program, I use an app called Voxer for quick voice messaging and texting. My clients also use the training app to send video clips of their exercises so I can check their form.


It may sound like a lot of tech, but it’s really not a huge time investment. After a short initial learning curve, my clients spend most of their time focused on their workouts, nutrition, and overall Lifestyle change , not spending hours glued to their phones or computer screens.


It takes 2 minutes after a workout to enter weights used and reps performed, and 5 minutes to create a food log for the day (less if you eat similar things every day.) That’s a pretty damn good investment of 7 minutes, if you ask me, especially because your coach can see all your info immediately.

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