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Gym Equipments

Ready to tackle your goals head-on?

In-person training is offered to clients in the Philadelphia, PA area Monday-Friday.

​ - Private one-on-one sessions

- Hybrid (online + in-person mix) ​

All options include a macronutrient meal guide to help you with nutrition. If you are ready to take your fitness journey to the next level with the support, structure, and PUSH from Justyn, inquire about one of our in-person training options! ​

All training sessions are 50-55 minutes long and focused on what your body needs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced lifter in-person training can help you learn something new about your body. Get the corrections you need in real-time.

What is included with Premier packages

Initial Assessment
  • Starting with our initial call, we discuss your goals, training history, dieting experience, preferences, lifestyle, and schedule.​

  • I want to learn all about you so I can fully support you and help you achieve your best results yet.

Individual Attention
  • Highly effective and detail-oriented sessions with the attention, instruction, and critique you deserve to make progress every week.

  • Each in-person session will strategically be designed around your lifestyle, training history, specific goals, and current level of fitness.

Customized Training Program
  • With the information from our assessment, I create a customized training program that is 100% tailored to you! Your goals, experience, available equipment (gym-based or at home), and schedule are all considered.

  • Your program is provided through my training app in progressive phases (new training phases every 4 weeks) and fully supports you through exercise demonstration videos, individualized training notes, and other training variables (sets, reps, rest, load, tempo).​

  • Travel workout accommodations are provided as needed.

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Individualized Nutrition Plan & Coaching
  • Specific calorie target and macronutrient targets provided for your body and goals.

  • Macro adjustments provided (typically every 1-4 weeks) along with support to hit your targets.​

  • Resources provided to help you gain a better understanding of nutrition so you finally understand how to optimally fuel your body for your health and physique goals.

Support & Accountability
  • 24/7 access to NutriFit Premier so you are always 100% supported and you never go another day with questions unanswered. I’m by your side the entire way!​

  • Weekly check-ins via email for accountability, education, and nutrition adjustments.

Educational Classes
  • Weekly Nutrifit premier classes via phone call which go through all things training, nutrition, goal setting, behavior change, mindset, and more!​

  • Including topics such as progressive overload, effective training strategies, understanding macros for fat loss, tips for MyFitnessPal, meal prep suggestions, reverse dieting, refeeds, etc.​

  • The goal is for you to have a solid understanding of important topics so you can continue to see and maintain results on your own.

Custom Macro Plan
  •  Custom macro plans

  •  A breakdown of meals and snacks meeting your exact macro targets and following your specific dietary preferences, so that you can start by taking the guesswork out of tracking

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