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Elite 12-week 
Fat Loss Shred Transformation Program

Lose Fat and Tone Your Physique While Enjoying Your Favorite Foods Like Chocolate and Ice Cream

The Elite 12-week Fat Loss Shred Program is or you if…

You are the type of person that just wants to know that the workouts and macro plan is customized and will get you results on your own!

This means you don't want too much accountability or hands-on coaching to talk about your week, nutrition, or any changes being made.

With Fat loss PROGRAM you just want to know that e-support is there as needed and that plans will be updated each month. You feel comfortable being able to crush it on your own without the extra weekly calls and mindset coaching. This is not for you if you travel or are away from your normal gym frequently. (this is our Diamond program).


This program will give you all the support you need and overall amazing results! These packages are designed to help those of you who are self-sufficient, and just need an intelligently structured training program or nutrition goals to follow that actually helps you achieve your goals.

This plan is our most economical investment. You will sacrifice the hands-on coaching but if you don't need the motivation from weekly calls to take action this will work for you!

*coaching calls not included in this package

This challenge includes:

  • 12 week Gym-based training program on the official NutriFit Premier app! The app makes it easy and fun to work out with my easy-to-follow plan, instructional videos, weight training progress tracking, goals dashboard, and more! 

  • Macro coaching (this is a style of dieting that allows you to have flexibility within your food plan so you can make choices based on your preferences). You will learn which macros to use, how to track them and what it all means. 

  • 30 Minute consultation call to learn how to set up macros and begin tracking 

  • Bi  Weekly check-ins forms to report progress and compliance (sent Via google form)

The Meal Plan:

  • Calculated starting caloric intake & macronutrient targets tailored to your individual goals and lifestyle

  • You’ll receive two macro plan template that provides an example of weeks 1 -4, 4 - 8, and 8 - 12 with meals and snacks that meet your exact macro targets and that are based on your dietary preferences

  • Learn how to reach your fitness and health goals while enjoying the foods you love in moderation!

  • Gain power over your health while developing a healthy relationship with food and body

The Workouts:

  • 2 Upper Body Training Days

  • 2 Lower Body Training Days 

  • 1 Hiit & Core Day

  • 1 Mobility & Core Day

  • All fitness levels are welcome


  • A gym membership

  • Access to the internet daily (phone or computer)

  • A kitchen or access to one to prep your meals

  • The willingness to do the work required to get results (mentally and physically). 

  • Food scale

  • Measuring tape

  • Scale for weigh-ins

What's Included in Elite Shred?


Image by Luisa Brimble

Updated Every 4 Weeks (Total Value $144)


Your Meal Plans are 100% custom which is based on your questionnaire. Your Macronutrients and Calories will be carefully calculated to ensure you will be losing fat and building muscle.


Each month you will be receiving a new custom meal plan from me, with foods you have chosen on your monthly check-in questionnaire. Each month your calories and macros will slightly change, this will allow you to keep getting leaner.


Every Meal plan is 100% based on YOUR Food Preferences. I won't be giving you anything you don't like, or that you are allergic to or intolerant to. I cater for Vegan and Vegetarian meal plans as well. My Goal is for you to enjoy your meal plan so you can follow it properly and achieve the results you desire. 


Updated Every 4 Weeks (Total Value $124)

Your Training Plan is based on your goals and it will be designed with a Flexible Dieting, Metabolism Building approach. Designed to burn fat, increase strength, and build lean muscle. Each plan is fully customized,  by using age, height, weight, weekly physical activity, goals, limitations, and unique nutritional profile.


Each month your Training Plan will change as your physique changes. I've incorporated some of the best workouts that have helped me build the physique i have today.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Updated Every 2 Weeks (Total Value $38)

  • Based on Your Fat Loss goals 

  • Designed to accelerate your shred 

  •  At Home Or Gym Workouts available


Included With Your Plan (Total Value $30)


  • Based on Your Needs 

  • 100% natural options 

Image by Jason Tuinstra
Fitness in Gym

Complete Mobility Program

Included With Your Plan (Total Value $30)


  • Including Diagrams of Stretches 

  • Avoid injuries while workouts 


3-month Subscription (Total Value $20)

  • Over 200 HD Videos

  • Correct form for each exercise

  • Gym, home, and outdoor workouts

Image by Ben Kolde


Access your 100% custom plan through YOUR NUTRIFIT PREMIER App. Your App is very user friendly and is available on both Play Store and App Store

Phone App

How it works

L (2).jpg

After purchasing the plan, a page will show up for you to access the questionnaire which you will answer so Nutrifit premier can write your 100% custom plan.


L (3).jpg

Wait 2-5 days to allow NFP to create your

custom plan.

L (4).jpg

Your plan is sent and you are ready to start your transformation. There is no time limit for when to start. Justyn is accessible through your entire journey, via email, your private training app.


Bi weekly check ins and NFP may also make adjustments

as required for

best results

Full 12-week Program valued at $816

Today You Pay Only $500

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