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Introducing our Build-Your-Own Package: Tailored Solutions Just for You!

Our customizable packages are designed for individuals seeking personalized services without any recurring commitments. With our flexible options, you have the freedom to select the specific services that meet your unique needs. Whether it's nutrition guidance, workout plans, or accountability coaching, you can build a package that aligns perfectly with your goals. No more one-size-fits-all approaches. It's time to create a plan that's exclusively yours. Start your journey today with our Build-Your-Own Package and experience the power of personalized support.

The 6-Week NutriFit program is for anybody looking to increase body strength, shred fat, build muscle and achieve your ideal body composition. This program targets all key muscle groups, with an emphasis on building your legs and glutes, with well rounded upper body sessions.

6 Week Muscle building 

$99/ onetime

6week fat loss program(s)

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What's Included?

Two 3-Week training blocks consisting

x5 day working split. Upper, lower, upper, lower, and conditioning (full body)

Video demonstrations for every exercise

Photos and written instructional cues for every exercise

15 recipes including calories and macros​

Warm-up routine

Mobility exercises

List of alternative exercises

70 pages of detailed information to enlighten and deepen your understanding of training

Private contact information to me for any questions or advice regarding the programme

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